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Hi, I'm Matt Reamer

An experience designer living in L.A

Welcome. Below you can see some of my work and take a little deeper dive into my thought process when tackling a problem. I'm a problem solver in many disciplines including, functional, visual, front end web design and product design. Now let's get to what really matters, the work. But again I say, welcome and enjoy.

Let's see some work  

How I approach Work
I try to look at problems through different lenses

I start every project by getting to know the user and putting pen to paper. Getting analytics on user behavior, conducting interviews and just sitting back to observe users using the product or products currently in that category. Pen and paper sketching is the quickest way to brain dump and work through the primary functionality of a site or application before getting sucked into a design program. I try to prototype whenever possible or needed. Sometimes, it's the only clear way to see if functionality will work or to convince co-workers and or clients that the design will work. Either jumping into code, or motion studies in After Effects, it's always fun. I strongly believe that nothing is ever finished. Never. Ever. User behavior is forever evolving and so should our designs.

The website at all responsive breakpoints

Lexus   FCV   Redesign    
A   Redesign   Inside   Lexus.com

Bringing Lexus Cars Of The Future Into Your Web Browser

UX | Interaction Design | Prototyping | Concepting

The Dustin's Words device

Dustin's     Words
Communication      Platform

Helping my brother and trying to make the world a better place

Concept | Build | Dev | Art | Copy

An interactive billboard for 2K's Evolve game.

2K's   Evolve    
A    Socially     Interactive     Billboard

Allowing passerbys to upload photos to a digital billboard


UX | Interaction Design | Back End Moderation Design

The 3D print with paper cut out grid paper

Paper   Prototyping   Tool

A tool built for our UX design peers

UX | Interaction Design | Dev | Visual Design

Overview Application Screens

Events      App

Ride & Drive Event Experience Application


Concept | UX | Design

The Walking Dead Lockbox Open

The  Walking   Dead    
Interactive      Lockbox

Building Up Hype For the new Walking Dead Season 5.

Concept | Build | Dev | Art | Copy

Interactive skate park in richmond virginia

Conductive    Skate Photography
Interaction      Skate      Park      Installation

A social skateboarding experiment.

Concept | Build | Dev | Art | Copy

Barnes & Nobel Nook TA mock-up

Barnes & Nobel    
Nook-TA      Application

A learning tool for both students and profressors.

Concept | UX | Persona | Animation

The Legacy Lab mobile website in someones hand

Legacy  Lab    
Digital      Branding      of      Legacy      Lab

Keeping brands relevent in a fast pace world.

UX | Interaction Design | Prototyping | Video