Lexus Owner's Site
Project lead, Yonius working hard to figure out a problem as he stares into a wall of wireframes for review.

Lexus Owner's Site

A full responsive platform & App redesign

My Role

  • UX Designer
  • Prototype
  • Setting Guidelines
  • Ideation
  • Interaction Design


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A glimpse into my design process in Sketch. A screen shot of my wireframes open in Sketch from the scheudle an appointment flow.

Project Overview

The Lexus Driver’s site is a utility product for Lexus owners to use as a resource throughout multiple scenarios. Over the duration of this project, wee had ambitious goals for the redesign such as hyper personalization of content, showing relevant data to the user from their vehicle by leveraging the OBD-II sensor in the owners cars and streamlining the current experience to make it more user friendly and fully responsive.

When I was brought onto the project, we were pitching for the business and I helped in crafting functional and visual prototypes and also refining design for the client presentation. Once we won the pitch, the team started to do content strategy and assents of the current site, competitive audits, stake holder interviews and surveying users.

The first polished prototype of Dustin's Words

Design Process

The sections of this mammoth site that I many focused on where Service (Service History, Safety Recalls and Service Campaigns, Scheduling A Service Event and Accessories), Account Registration and Forgot Password or User Name flows and wires and the Resources (How-To Video, FAQs and Owners Manuals). Throughout the process I had to audit How-To Videos and helped develop a strategy in how we can leverage SEO and overall server speed by embedding YouTube videos and wedding out content that was not up to par with current Lexus standard.

Excel Spreadsheet audit of how-to-videos within the current owner's site ecosystem

A photo of my notebook sketches during the ideation process

Wireframes of the service section

As always, I started with simple wireframe sketches that acted as a brain dump for me to get initial thoughts and visual hierarchy out onto paper. As we wireframed each section we had to keep all users in mind. Unauthenticated and authenticated users while also adding variables like users with newer model years, with older model years and even users with models that were discontinued and each of there experiences were slightly different.

I created multiple visual and functional prototypes to showcase functionality to clients and to internal teams. Using programs like and After Effects, I was able to quickly give my functional designs justice

A photo of my notebook sketches during the ideation process

Setting Animation & Style Guidelines

Something I really wanted to see come to life through The Driver’s Site was the implementation of the Animation Guidelines I was setting forth. Giving everything with motion a purpose and not making it an after thought. The concept that I was wrapping around every interaction, big or small, was the idea of meshing the physical with the digital ownership. With Lexus being a luxury brand and having precision, highly detailed vehicles, I wanted to add that level of polish and love to the brands digital properties. Through easing curve choices, and transition timing, we wanted to invoke a performance driven and smooth experience for all guests.

A scree-shot of the iteraction guidelines website I prototyped and spearheaded during the design process. One page from the document I created that was the start of the Lexus brand digital guidelines

Android Application

The website design was winding down and I helped craft the registration wires + flow, the service section and resources sections of the site. Before I left the Agency, I started working with a co-worker who was designing the iOS application in tandem with us designing the resposinve.Come to start designing the Android version of the Lexus Owner's Application. I started to set paradigms like navigation and setting best practices in place for the Android platform.

Wireframes from the Android Application design process

Apple Watch Concepts

As a part of the vision presentation to the client, we presented future concepts and extensions of how the Lexus Owner's App and website, eco-system we were building could live on other devices and serve other utilities. This is one execution, we showed them. Leveraging Apple watch technology, we can display car data in real-time as well as show contextual notification depending on the user's surroundings and current situation.

Apple Watch concepts that I designed to show the client a future forward state of the driver's application and how it could impact their business.

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