The Walking Dead
The Dustin's Words device

The Walking Dead

An interactive lockbox prototype for season 5 launch

My Role

  • UX Designer
  • Developer
  • Hardware
  • Design
  • Video
  • Ideation





Prototype Overview

This is a device that I built for The Walking Dead; both software and hardware. The lock to the lock box is engaged by placing a severed zombie finger keychain on the finger print scanner. The scanner reads only the print of the kay chain zombie finger. Any questions on the code or hardware, please contact me and I’d be psyched to talk about it.

Here is a link to the GitHub page for the FPS Arduino library, schematics, source code and materials list. GitHub Project Page.

After posting this project, the Arduino blog and featured it on their sites. After checking my Google Analytics, I was shocked, and psyched to see that the Department Of Homeland Security had been driven to the project as well.

Google analytics of this page on my website The electronics of the prototype

Someone opening the lock-box

The Process

Me being really excited after I got the FPS scanner working

After 3 long nights of not knowing why the FPS scanner was not receiving proper power and registering prints, I figured it out and made this Instagram post in celebration.

Electronics schematic

This is the Fritzing schematic of how it works. Once the FPS Scanner was working, everything else fell right into place electronically, then came the actually box design.

The lock-box open and electronics exposed
  • More

    Zombie Finger Keychain

    I transferred my finger print using wood glue and adhered it onto this keychain with I use to gain entry.

  • More

    FPS Scanner

    A Sparkfun FPS Scanner that was programmed to detect only the owners finger print through on boarding.

  • More

    Servo Lock

    Triggered via the FPS scanner, the lock turns 90 degrees when locked and 0 when open, locking to a custom steel bar inside the box.

  • More

    Gun Brackets

    These were made custom to fit this gun and designed to be removed with ease.


Honorable Mention

After the project was completed it was posted on GitHub, it was featured on a ton of tech and maker blogs, but most importantly The Arduino Blog. I was stunned at the response it received and was psyched people dug all my hard work and thinking.

Screenshot from Arduino blog website Another screenshot from Arduino blog website

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