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Intro To Paper Prototyping


To some, paper prototyping might seem a little archaic. I mean, with all the tools available for you to digital prototype and add functionality, why would you spend time with pencils and paper? While I do use these digital tools, I start every project by sketching a few pages of high level wireframes. This works great to get the initial design out my mind and onto paper but it's missing one thing, perspective.

Paper prototyping is an efficient way to quickly express your vision in a way that is in perspective to real use while promoting an agile workflow. Inspired by the Internet famous IronPhone we thought there was surely a 3D printable model to use for paper prototyping, but there was none. So, we made it. The .ZIP file contains the .STL and .PDF so you can get started quickly mocking up awesome mobile experiences.


The Design

This tool took a couple months and multiple iterations to design and get right. We hope to keep evolving this tool and giving the updated versions free to our peers. Another reason we designed this tool was for the college students. Our graduate school VCU Brandcenter has a UX class and we felt this tool would help teach the first years how to quickly paper prototype.


Preview image
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    The side slots for horizontal scrolling sites or hidden NAV content and top and bottom slots for scrolling pages with lots of content.

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    The blue tap state size guide and lines are to indicate native iPhone UI elements screen sizes.

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    Print & Cut

    Once the .ZIP file is extracted and the .STL file is loaded onto your 3D printer, or purchased from Shapeways you can start cutting.


The Website To Promote The Free Tool

To promote this free tool to our peers in the industry, Donnie and I designed and developed a website, where guests could experience a digital version of the tool, download the .ZIP file and buy the tool from Shapeways if they do not have access to a 3D printer.

Perspective mock-ups of the website we developed and designed for the product.

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