Team One Websites
A responsive view of the final design of the Team website.

Team One Websites

A few websites designed for Team One Internal

My Role

  • UX Designer
  • Prototype
  • Ideation
  • Interaction Design


Team One Logo


Team One Logo
The final design of Team, Booster Fuel Coffee Site and Launch The Remarkable websites.

Overview Of Projects

In my time at Team One, I would always volunteer to help design and build internal facing plus external facing agency owned sites. I always saw great potential in each of these projects because they had a little more freedom to do crazy stuff, take risks and work closely with those who I never had the opportunity to work with.

A few of the websites I'd like to focus on here would be the Booster Fuel site, Launching The Remarkable site and the redesign of the Team One .com property. Each project was with a different team and each project had its own hurdles to overcome.

Launching The Remarkable

We built a campaign and website as a way to recruit new and young talent to the agency, all with the concept of launching the remarkable. By asking young creative and aspiring young advertising professionals to answer a brief by submitting their idea through the website, they had an opportunity to land a three-month freelance gig at Team One’s L.A. headquarters and a $25,000 budget to launch their ideas into the world.

A screen-shot of wiresframes from the Launch The Remarkable design process

Team One .com Property

Excel Spreadsheet audit of how-to-videos within the current owner's site ecosystem

I was brought in early in the process to the Team One .com redesign and was asked to do extensive audits of the content and evaluate the analytics and present my findings in front of the agency stakeholders. After I had bought off on the new strategy and direction for the site, I started to apply these findings to the design in sketch form, just to test new navigation and sub-navigation.

As we went into a digital wireframe mode, the designer and I started to collaborate to create new slick animations sorting out the filtering mechanism for the work page. This filtering mechanism would carry over into other parts of the site in later phases of the build.

A photo of my notebook sketches during the ideation process

A screen shot of wiresframes during the 3 iteration of design

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